Welcome to Source One Services. We are a full service vehicle appraisal company that takes great pride in providing the highest quality programs for the demanding car enthusiasts. With over 25 years in the automotive industry we have the expertise and research ability to accurately appraise most vehicles. We believe only through the constant pursuit of education, do we maintain a high level of excellence within our industry. Exposure to national auctions, auto shows and memberships with major associations help keep us abreast of an ever changing market place. All our appraisals are written under compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) as set forth by the Appraisal Foundation, Washington, D.C. Please browse through our site and review our many capabilities. We hope to earn you business and help you with any of your vehicle valuation requirements. Thank you for your time.
Roy Da Silva, president of Source One Services. An accomplished businessman that has served in several key positions within the automotive industry from dealer networks to national automotive fleet management, Mr. Da Silva brings to the appraising society more than 25 years of automotive knowledge to his business. Always having a keen sense of the collector car market since having aowned and restored dozens of unique and interesting autos himself, Da Silva brings a straightforward approach to the business of vehicle appraisals. The combination of automotive knowledge and an ethical approach to his valuation makes Source One Services second to none.


  • 25 years experience in the automotive industry
  • Certified appraiser with the International Automotive Appraisal Association
  • Candidate member for the American Society of Appraisers
  • Expertise in foreign exotic automobiles and vintage race cars
  • Serve on the advisory board for the N.A.D.A., classic, collectible and special interest car appraisal guide
  • Member Antique Auto Club of America
  • Mr. Da Silva is the owner of several rare and exotic cars
  • Qualified Expert Witness
  • Insurance Claim Management
  • A dedicated, detailed, professional that makes a living with his trade
  • 98-present Founded and developed Source One Services to provide specialized services to the collector car markets. A niche company for those that demand high quality appraisal and consulting service
  • 95-99 Co-Founded Guidance Development (an Internet marketing & development co) where he began developing the sales systems and other programs that were created to promote the automotive industry
  • 87-95 Worked as a national sales manager for one of the largest fleet management companies in the US. Managed and developed the Midwest territory. Winning several achievement awards throughout his career.
  • 82-87 Worked as a leasing broker for eight major US banks providing funding for all Chicagoland auto dealers
  • 78-82 Worked in several high end foreign auto dealers, serving as parts and service management

Aviation Services

Often times the greatest challenge of viewing a potential vehicle is the decision of both time and money. Unfortunately the end result is usually a missed buying opportunity. But it doesn't have to be this way. With Source One Services we have a cost effective flight program that will allow our appraisers the ability to fly to any location. We also offer the client the opportunity to fly to the site as well if this is a requirement.

We offer single and multi engine corporate aircraft. Our chief pilot Brad Ruedig is an airline pilot with over 9,000 hours logged. Planes are all weather rated and highly maintained to exceed FAA safety standards. Source One's planes land at large airports, and more importantly small out of the way airports where many of the best cars can be seen. We eliminate the hassle of long lines, parking, security, and flight cancellations.

Dealers, this is an excellent opportunity for you to get to your small-town auctions, car buying assignments or just about anything. Give us a call and we would be glad to quote you a program that would be both effective and economical.

Source One Racing
My passion for the sport of auto racing began back in the mid-seventies when as a young man; my summers took me to some of the finest tracks in the country. Some of my fondest memories were of watching those thunderous Can-Am cars or the high intensity of Indy Car racing. I knew back then that someday I would also have the opportunity to find myself on the track and no longer just a spectator. During those years I club raced, helped crew and just about anything I could do in order to keep me close to the sport. My racing experience has taken me from land to sea and back. If it’s competitive and challenging I’ve pursued it. The love of the automobile doesn’t stop in a garage; its where your love and passion take you. It’s been a fun and rewarding time racing. From this exciting sport one quickly learns that hard work, dedication and resources are what get you to the front of the line. So in the meantime some photo memories of my great times.