It's said that your referrals are the best way for your perspective clients to judge the quality of your work and in this I can proudly say I have often exceeded my customer's expectations and hope to exceed yours as well. In this line of work, the challenges of getting your customer timely and valuable information is paramount. Many times the urgency associated with a purchasing decision is time critical. Being flexible and responsive is a Source One Services trademark. Having a professional and unbiased person there to help ease your mind when you may be unsure of your potential new acquisition is priceless. The real joy in this business is the great clients and friendships I've made over the years and to this end I provide you with a sampling of the level of satisfaction my clients have given me in their own words.

I want to thank all clients for their kindness and support.

"I find Mr. Da Silva to be informed, educated and enthusiastic; while - at the same time - independent, objective and impartial as producing credible value opinions. Such is an appraiser - epitomized. That is Roy DaSilva."

Jon Lundberg, Sr. of Southwest Valuations - Tucson, AZ

I recently purchased a Maserati Quattroporte and needed an expert's opinion on the vehicle. Not knowing the ins and outs of the car, I was going into the purchase somewhat blind. I knew I loved the looks of the car, the performance data was great, and the pedigree of the car was enticing. When I found one that I wanted, I needed to have someone go over the car from top to bottom to make sure that I was picking up an "honest" car. Roy's experience and knowledge of Italian made vehicles made my decision to hire him easy. Roy was able to go over the car from top to bottom, documenting everything along the way. I love how he his report has a line item checklist of all the functions and components of the car. When it came time for me to work out the deal, I had every bit of confidence that I knew more about the car than the dealer selling it. With that in mind, I was able to make the purchase with no reservations. Roy more than paid for his service, by allowing me to aggressively work out a lower price on the car. If you're not having Roy look over your car first, you're taking an undue risk. Thanks Roy! I look forward to having you check out my next Italian car before I purchase it.

Brad Jenks
Brad Jenks - Lake Villa , IL


I just wanted to say that you did a fantastic job with your survey of the GT3. Your report was very through and it was a pleasure to work with you. You answered all my questions and your report was the reason I went ahead and made the purchase. I would recommend you to anyone!

Once again thank you very much.


Henryk A. Paciorek
Henryk Paciorek - Irvine, CA

The work that Roy and his company have provided myself and the dealership over the years has been the most thorough, fair, and qualified without question. The expertise and quality is evident in every inspection. Communication and reliability are never a problem with expectations always exceeded with Roy’s work. I refer all of my clients to utilize his service. To have an intermediary as knowledgeable as Roy work with the client is priceless. An honest professional inspection is always best and Roy’s services deliver just that.

The Porsche Exchange - Highland Park, Illinois

Roy Da Silva came to my rescue at Lambs Farm in Libertyville for our 5th Annual Lambs Farm Champion Car Show, June 4, 2017. I needed judges and had no prospects. I was getting ready to judge it myself, which after speaking with Roy made me realize how much I do NOT know about the entire process - the many, many intricacies and knowledge required to do it right. Roy stepped up and donated his time and talent, and recruited three of his friends, also involved in various auto industries, to help out. Roy was instrumental in the judging form that was used and helping us get the word out about the show. He also organized the cars as they arrived so that different classes of cars were parked together. They did a fantastic job of judging the cars - fair and thorough. I had no complaints or concerns from any of the car owners. I hope and pray that Roy will help us out again every year. Thank you!

Kathy McMeins
Special Events/Operations Coordinator

Kathy McMeins - Libertyville, Illinois

My father and I want to send a personal thank you to Roy for going above and beyond with our appraisal. The car itself was nothing too special ('83 Pontiac Parisienne), but he treated it like a rare collectible. It was obvious he put some thought into it (whereas when my parents neighbor got his Chevy appraised it was like night and day compared to yours) His report was meticulous, citing the history of the car and the comps he used to come to his conclusion. You can tell he spent time on this, from the colored pictures of the car, to the the bound booklet with a glossy cover page. Thank you Roy!
Tome & George Libero - Chicago, Illinois

I was planning on buying a used 2011 Mercedes vehicle in Illinois.Since I currently live in Oregon this would be a long distance purchase with car being ship from Illinois to destination Oregon. I was very concerned on the shape of the vehicle since I wasn’t able to inspect the car in person. I wanted to make certain that everything was in good order including exterior, interior, mechanical, and features. I contacted Roy to talk about his services of vehicle inspection Roy spent several minutes on all details of vehicle inspection including all aspects plus checking for possible damage that only a trained car professional could spot. I was very impressed by the thorough inspection explanation and immediately told Roy if the deal goes through I would use his services.I felt very confident that the car would have a thorough look over.If the report showed a defect, Roy explained that would be an excellent bargaining tool to get the issue resolved.I highly recommend that you use Roy’s services to have your purchase thoroughly reviewed before the contract is signed.
Tim M - Portland, OR

Hi Roy,

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know I ended up buying that 911 in the Chicago area. Your detailed description of the car was spot on. They did however detail the car from top to bottom including touch up paint and machine polishing. It looks better than my friends 2013 911. Your inspection and photos were so clear that I decided to make the 6 hour trip to go see it and I am glad I did. I drove it home from Chicago to metro Detroit and had no problems. I did put on new tires as soon as I could once home like your report suggested. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your inspection. I wish I could recommend your services to others but I don’t think I know anyone crazy enough to buy a car out of state like I did.

Thanks again,


Richard Blomberg - Commerce Township, MI

Steve Schraub - Ormond Beach, FL

I live in India and when I wished to purchase a classic car from USA, I was somewhat skeptical as to whether the condition of the vehicle would be actually what was advertised. After some inquiries, I was told to contact Roy and get an appraisal done. He was recommended as a very honest, diligent and efficient appraiser who would do a very thorough study of the car and take as many photographs as would be necessary to convey a true and fair picture on the condition of the vehicle. And I admit that I was quite surprised when I received a detailed report with no less than 74 photos which showed the flaws in the minutest detail!!!… I would not hesitate in recommending him to my friends and colleagues, or to engage him again at any time in future. Thank you Roy for your efforts, and I know it was money well spent.
Jagdish Thackersey - Mumbai, India

January 28, 2016 was a life changing point for me. My husband of over 40 years passed away and I was left to deal with many issues of which I had no knowledge, among them was a 1970 Stingray Corvette. I had absolutely no clue how to go about selling this car as it needed to go to someone who would appreciate it. I turned to Roy DaSilva of Source One Services. His expertise, vast knowledge and many resources not only helped me put the car on the market but he also helped me to present the car in the best condition at absolutely no stress to me. Although it was sad to see the car go I knew that it was best and Mr. DaSilva made the situation as painless as possible.

Mr. DaSliva was dependable and if he said he would be there at 6 o’clock, he was there at 6 o’clock and he is extremely easy to work with. Not only did he respect me, he respected the car and my property. He gave me options, letting me make the decisions that were best for me but was ready with advice if needed, offering welcomed suggestions.

I can highly recommend Roy DaSilva at Source One Services and I am confident that I have been treated more than fair.

Diana Littner - Bristol WI,

I engaged Roy Da Silva to perform a pre-purchase inspection of a 1965 Corvette coupe. I had a number of concerns all of which Roy addressed. His examination and comprehensive report of the car was very helpful in assessing the value of the car. I would not hesitate to engage Roy again. He is both knowledgeable and professional and was generous with his time going over the report results on the phone with me. I can recommend him without hesitation

Kevin Shanahan - Naples FL,

Roy had been referred to me by Golz Motors in Deerfield. Golz has serviced my 1986 Mercedes 560 SL since I bought it 14 years ago. It was time to sell my “baby” but I wasn’t sure how to go about doing so. Roy and I discussed the car over the phone and he put together a game plan. First, he thoroughly inspected every aspect of the car and explained how to maximize the car’s presentation/selling appeal. After making the few repairs (which were minimal), Roy posted a full array of photos on Craig’s List. In addition he introduced me to one of his contacts…Volo Auto Museum. After a couple weeks on Craig’s List with minimal success, we moved to Phase 2 which involved placing the car at the Volo Auto Museum on consignment. Within a few weeks the car was sold at a price that was acceptable.

I highly recommend Roy both for his amazing knowledge and professionalism. He was very easy to work with, honest and fair. It’s comforting knowing that my “baby” has found a good home. Thanks to Roy for his guidance.

Yale Gordon - Deerfield, IL

Thank you again for taking the time to do the inspection on the 2012 Porsche 4 GTS coupe. From our first contact through the final report, you have been extremely professional and your follow-up has been extraordinary. You are a "car guy" and when purchasing a high end used automobile I certainly want my eyes on the car. I certainly felt I had that throughout the inspection and your report and thoughtful narrative over the phone greatly helped my decision process. I will happily recommend you to anyone in search of professional automotive inspections and thank you.

Dr. Marcus Stredzinski - Tucson, AZ

Shelby Cobra’s are simply a fantastic car, with a stoic race history and nostalgic classic appeal that has endured for decades. As a long-time admirer of the 1965 Shelby Cobra, I’d hoped one day to have the privilege of owning such a distinguished vehicle. Reaching a point in my life where that option became a potential reality, I began to search for just the right one. Along with the reality of being able to obtain a replica of one of these fine beasts of a machine, came the realization that there were many “options” to consider, from many different makers. After some diligent research on manufacturer quality, value retention and market demand (and typical availability), I’d narrowed my search down to the Superformance model replica, and began my quest…In November of 2015, after many weeks of looking for “just the right one”, I was able to locate a 2004 built 1965 Superformance Cobra I felt comfortable with pursuing, but with some unknowns and concerns I needed assistance to help address, as the vehicle was located out of state and not readily accessible to me for an in-person inspection. What to do…? In comes super friendly Roy Da Silva and Source One Services to the rescue! Backed by a solid reputation, years of experience and a quality recommendation from someone who had first-hand experience with his work, I reached out to Roy at Source One to go take a look at my potential “future” Cobra. Roy was immediately responsive to my inquiry, called me directly and talked with me openly at length about his experience and expertise, his background with inspecting classic cars, and offered an unbiased opinion on the types available for consideration, reaffirming my decision that the superformance model was the best choice. He walked me through his multi-point inspection process and gave me confidence that he was the right man for the job, and would do it well, regardless of the outcome of the inspection. He wanted me (the buyer) to openly know what I was getting, good or bad! For a very fair and reasonable fee, Roy promptly handled all the arrangements with the Dealer/Seller on his own and performed the inspection within just a few days. He was very prompt on the delivery of his official report, which was complete and thorough. Roy even accommodated my “last minute” wishes to call me and take notes on some very specific things I wanted him to look at, over and above a typical inspection. Roy not only respectfully accommodated my impromptu request with courtesy, but did a great job with the report details and accompanying non-glamour photographs of the critical mechanical and frame aspects of the vehicle. Overall, a great resource to help make an informed buying decision. It’s worthy to note that he did have the pleasure of driving the car! Tough part of the job! To summarize, with Roy Da Silva and Source One Services’ assistance, I am now the proud owner of a 1965 Superformance Shelby Cobra. I am quite confident that without Roy’s friendly and professional assistance, I could have potentially ended up with buyer’s remorse and a car I was unhappy with. Thanks to Roy, I’m super happy with my purchase and am quite grateful for his insight, expertise, flexibility and services, along with what I am certain to be a great friend. Thanks Roy, for making the process easy and comfortable! I confidently and without hesitation recommend Roy Da Silva Source One Services for your vehicle inspection needs in the event you are looking for classic car and need some expert advice and assistance in the greater Chicago area. A+
Jim Scott - Memphis, TN

I have had the pleasure of working with Roy Da Silva and recommend Roy in the highest regards. Roy possesses a wealth of knowledge, has impeccable work ethics and would be an asset to anyone interested in getting a vehicle inspected or appraised prior to purchase. I cannot express enough the expertise Roy possesses in this field. His professionalism, dedication and knowledge are endless and with Roy willing to go the extra mile, gives one a better piece of mind knowing your investment in his services is money well spent! His vehicle aptitude and qualifications speak for themselves. Living in the Detroit area, I located a 2003 Black Z06 Corvette online out of the Chicago area that I was interested in purchasing. I have never experienced a sale out of state before and that is why I utilized Roy’s services and asked for him to inspect the vehicle prior to purchasing it. As it turned out, I adjusted my schedule to make the trip to the location the seller requested to complete the transaction. While only being 30 miles from the location, I received a call from the seller stating he just totaled the vehicle on his way to the location. Needless to say, I’m currently back in the fold of Vette shopping again. A local inspector/appraiser from Detroit referred me over to Roy and the rest was history.

Thank you again, Roy for your time, flexibility and excellent service!
Anthony Manzo - Detroit, MI

As a documentation/collateral manager I was put in charge of getting multiple rare high-value vehicles appraised for a financing transaction we were working on. I reached out to multiple “vintage/rare care specialists” I found on the web just to hear “sorry can’t help you – not qualified to appraise what you have”, however many of those recommended Roy as the expert when it came to one-of-a-kind and very rare vintage vehicle appraiser. I reached out to Roy, and within a very short amount of time we were able to get him going on the appraisals. Throughout the whole process, Roy was always keeping me in the loop as to his progress. Roy was very professional, always returned phone calls and very proactive. Roy went out of his way to deliver a top notch product (Roy did tons of additional research on the custom vehicles and their components that we had him appraise) for a very reasonable price (considering amount of work/time I would say Roy was actually pretty cheap). I’ll definitely reach out to Roy next time I need assistance with rare vehicles and will highly recommend him to anyone that’s looking for this specialized service. Thank you very much Roy!

Devon Bank - Chicago, IL

I had contacted Source One Services Inc. to submit an appraisal for my 1972 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. The appraisal I received was very professionally done. When I
presented the Appraisal to my prospective buyer, it helped to influence him to pay me top dollar for my Corvette.
Renee Stokes - Bensenville, IL

Roy, thank you for your prompt and accurate service. My vehicle arrived last Sunday afternoon, and I am pleased to report that it is exactly as reported in your inspection. I have driven it extensively this week in 100 degree weather and it performed flawlessly. The minor cosmetic issue are exactly as your report described.
Thank you for the speedy, accurate and cost-effective inspection!
Jae L Walker
Jae Walker - Glendora , CA

Roy, I would like to pass on my sincere thanks for your prompt service and your very detailed inspection report you have provided. No need to jump in a plane when one receives such a comprehensive,accurate and concise appraisal. It's always a little difficult making a long distance purchase however your report has greatly assisted me in making a well informed decision. I would not hesitate in using your services again and I am more than happy to be used as a reference in Australia.

Jim Peters - Melbourne, Aus

Dear Roy,

I just wanted to write a quick thank you regarding the appraisal you did on my '69 Nova. This is the first time that I have had an appraisal done on a vehicle, and I have no doubt that if I ever need another one I will look no further than you. I greatly appreciated the fact that you took the time at the very start of the process to explain to me how the process works and what you all look at and consider. Then when I received the appraisal itself I was very impressed. I thought it was extremely well done, very detailed and thorough, yet easy to understand for a first timer like myself. The level of detail and amount of information included in the appraisal exceeded expectations. Beyond that, you were very easy to work with, being both professional and friendly.

I will be happy to recommend your services to anyone who may ask.

Thanks again for everything!

Joe Steffensmeir - Sheboygan, WI

Recently a ’47 Buick Roadmaster Convertible caught my attention. It was for sale in another state about a ten hour drive away. I knew that I needed an independent, unbiased person to inspect the vehicle. I saw pictures on-line and was too enamored by the car to remain objective. So I “googled” inspectors in the general region where the vehicle was located, and I sent emails to prospective inspectors. Roy Dasilva answered my email and called me to discuss the situation. Fortunately for me Roy was going to be traveling in the vicinity of the vehicle in the near future. He understood how interested I was in this particular Buick and he essentially rearranged his travel plans to fit in my inspection. The dealership called my later that day to inform me that they were very impressed by how thorough his inspection was. The inspection report included a detailed list of areas in need of repair and/or further restoration, pictures of the car, and phone calls to discuss the inspection. In short this was the best money I ever spent on a vehicle. It gave me confidence in the dealer representing the car, and most importantly it satisfied my wife (and friends) that I was doing due diligence. Moving forward with an offer on the car (again from several states away) was much more relaxed. I would recommend Roy to anyone in need of a car inspection. He was extremely courteous, informative, and most importantly available. He encouraged me to call with questions and several questions that were a bit esoteric he followed-up with me after consulting his colleagues. I am confident that Roy could inspect any vehicle of any make and model and provide the “insiders” knowledge and perspective that we all wish for. I will be calling on him again and I have provided his contact information to several of my friends. Thanks Roy for a job well done. DRS in Atlanta .
Daniel R Schlatterer DO, MD - Atlanta, GA

Dear Roy

I received your report and I want to thank you for such a through job. The detail that you provided was outstanding, your report provided information that was not revealed in Carfax, Autocheck or the dealer. The pre-purchase inspection allowed me to make an informed decision and I've decided not to purchase the vehicle.

The vehicle had the potential to be a nightmare. I want to thank you for your professionalism and a wonderful job. Based on the detail of your work, I know you do not need a recommendation, but I will recommend you to anyone I know who needs an honest appraiser!

Thanks again
Darryl L Liggins - Waldorf, MD

Roy's attention to detail and his client oriented approach to automobile evaluations are what set him apart from the mainstream. Roy carefully examines and road tests each car - then performs hours of extensive research before he reaches his conclusions. His reports are thorough and professional. As a classic car dealer, I have seen many inspectors come thru my door. Roy is far and away the finest automobile inspector that I have ever worked with. A true professional and a gentleman.

Charlie Kuhn Chicago Classic Cars - Gurnee, IL

It’s not often that you find someone who you instantly feel comfortable with in the auto industry. Trust is very important for the task of inspecting a classic car. I found Source One Services to be very professional and rather knowledgeable on a Griffith I was interested in. I did not end up purchasing this vehicle for a number of issues and if it wasn’t for Roy at Source One, it would have made a long trip back to Australia, and it would have been a poor investment. Thanks so much for your great assistance.
Jeremy Piper - Melbourne , AU

I would like to thank you Roy, for your prompt, thorough, and sound appraisal on my 1992 Mercedes 300SD. State Farm Insurance has made copies of the entire appraisal packet to put on file with our automobile insurance. Due to the professionalism of the appraisal, State Farm has agreed to refer to the value stated in the appraisal if an accident does occur, and the replacement value is in question. This appraisal was well worth the investment, and I would refer anyone is search of an automobile appraisal to contract with Source One Services.
Ann Cowperthwaite - Raleigh, NC

Roy Da Silva provided an outstanding pre-purchase inspection evaluation and report on my Triumph TR8. There were absolutely no surprises when the car arrived; every aspect of the car had been thoroughly photographed, documented and discussed in the report. Mr. Da Silva was also extremely generous with his time in discussing the report with me, and had many knowledgeable observations and recommendations to make. Highly recommended!

Anne Schneiderman - Ithaca, NY

Roy, I just finished a review of your prepurchase inspection package. It is obvious that the car is not worth the asking price of $29,900. In fact I was very disappointed in the car after reviewing the seller’s e-bay presentation, then your very thorough inspection helped me decide. The seller received a final e-bay auction bid of $19,990, and I feel the seller should have accepted it. I would not pay any more for the car. I would like to have the car, and I think it would be fun driver, and in time a head turner, with some additional work. Your work saved me pain, strain, time, and money. I also appreciate your great attitude. I'm still looking. Best wishes, and thank you.

Gene Pedersen - Woodland, CA

"Roy is a great and very honest person! It's just a pleasure to deal with him as he knows what he's doing. He did a very professional and detailed inspection of a 2004 Infiniti QX56 Limousine 200" stretch that is going to be exported to Russia and it's not an easy job to inspect a used limo!

I was explained of all the details on the phone and three days later I got in a mail a very detailed report with the photo CD. The inspection is really helped me to re-negotiate the deal and saved me a lots of money! I highly recommend this company to anyone who needs a professional vehicle inspection.
Mike Abechian - VGA Motors - , CA

We thoroughly enjoyed working with you in the purchase of our pre-owned Rolls Royce Silver Wraith II. Your company provided us with exemplary service in inspecting the car and providing us with a detailed inspection report. As a result of your attention to detail, we're enjoying a trouble free automotive experience. Again, we wish to thank you and look forward to working with you in the future.
M. Harris, Sr. - Chicago, IL

I wanted to write you this letter to express my appreciation for the work you have done for me on behalf of my brother Scott’s estate.

Scott was a renaissance man. He was of great integrity, inner strength. He worked hard yet lived life well, traveled, as well as enjoyed the finer things in life, one being his 1971 280 SE 3.5 Cabriolet Mercedes that he had found and restored. After his passing I was at a loss to properly market and sell his car. I was bound and determined that this car should go to someone who had his same zest for this type of automobile and knew the value of a car such as this.

Thank goodness for Roy DaSilva and Source One Services.

Roy please don’t hesitate to have anyone call me for a reference or if they have any questions regarding using your services.

Owning my own company in the marketing and communications industry, I have worked with hundreds of corporate CEO’s, company owners and unique people with persuasive personalities in a wide variety of professions. I feel I can “read” people pretty well.

From our initial conversations and meeting, you seemed to have confidence in your assessments; with purpose and direction, but above all, with honesty and integrity. Wrapping up an estate is a detailed and time consuming effort. I appreciate your working with me throughout this process.
Your knowledge and ability in the auto arena has been a valuable resource for us and I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to use you and your company in any automobile transaction that may have.

Thank you for your help and continued success to you and Source One.
Gary Davis - Brian Keith Advertising Plus - OakBrook, IL

"Roy Da Silva at Source One was a great help to me with my purchase of a 1931 Auburn boattail speedster. I hired him to perform a pre-purchase inspection and then an appraisal of the car for insurance purposes.
Dr. Steve Gilbertson - Santa Clarita, CA

"I just wanted to let you know that I did purchase the 1969 SC Rambler - Hurst which you examined for me. I could not have successfully completed this deal from 3000 miles away without your help. It is the nature of this hobby, that one will rely somewhat on the honesty and integrity of the seller, but the wise buyer will also perform his own due diligence. I found your service extremely helpful on several levels:

First - You returned my initial contract within an hour even though we had never met.
Second - You inspected the car within two days of my request showing faith in a stranger from 3000 miles away.
Third - You submitted a comprehensive report again very quickly.
Fourth - Most importantly - Your presence and personal involvement gave credibility to my interest in the car. The process of buying a car located in Chicago from Edmonton Canada can be intimidating to both buyer and seller and you were instrumental in increasing our respective comfort levels.

The vendor has assured me that without your involvement, he would have sold "My" car to any one of several backup buyers who were willing to pay over the advertised price. I have been actively searching for a "Rambler Scrambler" for about five years, so I truly appreciate your efforts and would not hesitate to recommend Source One Services to anyone."
Jay Champigny - Edmonton, Alberta

"Thanks for the quick reply. Your report and, more importantly, discussions with me regarding classic car purchases in general, were extremely valuable. Despite the fact that I am choosing not to purchase that particular vehicle, I consider your service to have been time and money well spent. I would recommend you in a heart beat - let me know if there is anything I can do along those lines for you."
Mark & Sally Wilson - McKinney, TX

"Roy was very professional and courteous, offering transportation from the subway to go check out the car which I did end up buying. He was extremely knowledgeable and helped me determine that there was no body work or frame damage, and that the paint was original, as advertised. Buying an all-original antique car (1978 Mark V DJE) with only 11K miles, I didn't want to get scammed. I was able to use his appraisal to justify to my insurer that the car is indeed worth that much. With stated value coverage, they were saying that there was no way it was worth what I wanted it covered for, but his appraisal documents got it done! I would not hesitate to use his services again."
Tim Bernadzikowski - Laurel, MD

"Thank you for the great and prompt service you have always provided. The reports are in great detail along with the CD Rom you mail. The telephone call you made to me on the several times when you were with the cars I sent you out to look at, was a great thing in the sense that a quick walk around and some quick findings help me have an idea whether it is a nice car or not. You knowing my high standards of a quality muscle car your appraisals have led me to buy a couple and pass on a couple including the Charger I had you fly out to in MO. I have always told people about your service when I get asked the famous question if I bought on the internet without seeing it. No way! I will continue to recommend your services to anyone I know should they need a car to be looked at. Please feel free to use my name, email or whatever for a reference to anyone, you provide an awesome service."
Ray Brizida - North Dartmouth, MA

"Just a note of thanks for the great job you did on my Dad's cars we asked you to appraise. Time was of the essence and your quick arrival made it possible to get a sale in place right away while my brother was up from FL to WI. We did a silent bid on them and it went very well. We had no idea where to start with 12 cars or so to deal with. You gave us a very professional folder on each of the seven or so we had you appraise. My brother and I then decided which ones we would keep and used your appraisal to list for the estate. We also had an idea what to expect on the other cars we were selling. We then knew we would not be giving them away if we didn't know the current price market. Your research helped us also in the sale of everything. It has been a long haul but with your help we got thru it and all but one car is sold. If you find a buyer of a one sided beauty (78 Ford Thunderbird with very low mileage) let us know for it just needs some misc work and my brother thinks it will be a real winner.........
Gary and Cheryl Prochnow - Milwaukee, WI

"Just a note to thank you for your excellent service and input while appraising my 1975 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible. We have certainly enjoyed it this summer and look forward to many years of driving pleasure.

I will gladly recommend you to anyone seeking an appraisal on a vehicle. Your actions were prompt, courteous and very accurate according to others who have viewed the car since it was completed. Thanks again."
Dan S. Dugan Mercantile Trust & Savings Bank - Quincy, IL

"You saved me thousands of dollars by having you do a pre purchase inspection. Pictures of the 1967 Impala Convertible on the seller's website did not reveal all the defects that your inspection did. Thanks"
John Koebensky - Virginia, MN

"Thank you for the comprehensive pre-purchase inspections you carried out on my behalf. Your reports on the condition of the vehicles were of the highest quality, and enabled me to make decisions that saved me a lot of time, effort and money. The pictures on CD were particularly useful in judging whether to invest in the cars you inspected.

Being in England, the telephone calls were of particular benefit, and thanks again for being available at the time, considering the 6 hour difference between here and Illinois!

Your recommendation of an appraiser in California proved to be a boon, an inspection of a Rolls Royce there proved that all that shines sometimes hides a lot of rust!"
Gary Garrard - Grimsby, UK

"This is just a short note to thank you again for the invaluable help you gave me with the settlement on my 1976 TR6 which was destroyed in a broadside collision.

In addition to the detailed documentation you provided with the forensic appraisal, your advice regarding negotiating with my insurance company certainly helped me recover what I was thought was almost certainly going to be a total out of pocket loss."
Marty Dooley - Chicago, IL

"I recently disposed of two pieces of antique fire apparatus, one by donation & one by sale. I called on Roy Da Silva, of Source One Services, to evaluate both pieces prior to negotiations. His thorough & timely services enabled me to complete both transactions to my complete satisfaction. I would recommend him to anyone seeking appraisal services."
Howard L Brenner - Riverwoords, IL

"I highly recommend the services offered by Roy Da Silva at Source One Services. He is a car guy that knows what to look for. Unlike some other well known inspection companies that have sent inspectors to our showroom that do not know the first thing about old cars. Roy is also unbiased. He will give an honest report regardless. He is welcome in our showroom anytime!"
Jay Grams Volo Auto Museum - Volo, IL

"I wanted to report on Source One Services helping me with my long distance car search, Roy has been knowledgeable, prompt, responsive, and friendly. His reports are comprehensive; he knows what to look for and where to look. Arranging a pre-purchase inspection with Roy is money well spent!"
Steve Seall - Chandler, AZ